I'm here to guide, strategize and create some online magic for you and your business

A life-long learner obsessed with self improvement, process and productivity tools, I’ve been creating websites since the early days when terms like world wide web and interactive multimedia were a thing.  Now, I’m on my latest evolution.  In 2018, I was laid off after 20 years working at a large biotech company in the Bay Area.  I took it as a positive sign that I needed to change things up.  I had already started working on web projects as a side hustle in 2014 and found I really enjoyed working with small business owners. Really, I wanted to get back to doing something I had started to do in the early 90s: running my own business.

These days, I’m devoting my energy and skills to helping entrepreneurs make sense of the digital landscape, make informed decisions, and help create captivating online experiences that connect with their customers.

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