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A Strategic Roadmapping Project is an opportunity for you to get clarity on the path to growing your business. Get actionable advice that’s personalized to your unique situation.

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Setting out on a new venture? Got a roadmap?

If you are considering a new website project or digital offer you are likely uncertain on the cost, the timeline, or the other essential factors.  That uncertainty has you spinning round and round and you aren’t getting anywhere.   You keep thinking about things like:

  • Where should you spend you time, attention, and marketing budget?
  • What should you do to get more visibility, leads, and growth?
  • Should you create a course or a membership?
  • You have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, but you’re not sure what steps to take or which opportunities you should pursue to get there.
  • What steps should you take to grow your business?

New projects or ventures can be risky business

Venturing out on a new project without an idea of where you are going could cost you in the end.

Working on a project is risky.

  • What if the cost is higher than you’ve budgeted?
  • What if the timeline is longer than you’re looking for?
  • What if the steps involved are more complex than you’ve planned?
  • What if you don’t enjoy working with the consultant?

The last thing you want is to start a project and find yourself spending thousands of dollars and not moving towards the outcomes you desire.

What if you could reduce the risk around your project?

  • Understand the cost to reach the outcomes you’re looking for
  • Have clarity on the timeline for your project and the milestones along the way
  • Understand the steps involved, individually and collectively
  • Build a relationship with a consultant who prioritizes understanding your business and recommending the right solution for your particular situation

That’s where a Strategic Roadmapping Project comes in

A Strategic Roadmapping Project is an opportunity for the two of us to meet, discuss your current situation, review the outcomes you’re looking for, and determine the best options to get you moving from where you are to where you want to be.

There are a number of benefits to starting work together with a Roadmapping Project:

  • We begin bridging the gap between the outcomes you have in your head (i.e. new website, more leads/sales, increased revenue, grow your list, establish your authority, earn more passive income) and the projects to implement
  • You walk away with a handful of new ideas (as a result of us working together) that will get you even closer to the outcomes you’re looking for.
  • You reduce the risk surrounding your project by discussing the outcomes you’re looking for, your current situation, and any risks or assumptions surrounding the project.

When we work together on a Roadmapping Project for your business, we’re working together to provide you with expert advice and direction.

My job is to give you direction on your project so you know if what you’re planning on doing is what you actually need to do.

At the completion of the Roadmapping Project, you’ll receive a number of deliverables to help enhance your understanding of the project you need:

  • An overview summarizing the major takeaways of our meeting
  • A recording of our conversation for you to reference
  • A written report offering my insight and expertise on the best options for your business as you move forward
  • A proposal for implementing the best options for your business

Most importantly, the deliverables from this Roadmapping Project are portable.

What you receive will get you closer to where you need to be.

How does a Roadmapping Project work?

Once you pay, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out about your business, the outcomes you’re looking to achieve, and the situation you’re experiencing.

After that, we’ll schedule a time for us to have an initial in-depth 90-minute ‘Working Session’ conversation about your business.

We’ll discuss your business, the situation you’re experiencing, and the outcomes you’re looking for.

During our session, I’ll contribute my insight to your available options and answer any questions you have.

After our working session, I’ll research the situation you’re experiencing and the outcomes you’re looking for. Quite likely, I may have some followup questions for you.

I’ll put together a report for you and your business. In this report, I’ll summarize the major takeaways from our meeting and contribute my insight and expertise to the different options at hand for your business and best path for you to follow to achieve your intended outcomes.

You can expect to receive your report within 3-5 business days of our meeting.

Basically the steps look like this:

  1. You pay for the Strategic Roadmapping project
  2. I will send you the your Roadmapping Questionnaire.
  3. You complete the questionnaire
  4. We schedule a Working Session for us to review your completed questionnaire
  5. I do my research, follow up with any questions, and get started working on your report
  6. I deliver the report and proposal with a video recording of our session
  7. We schedule a 60 min follow up session to review the report and proposal and discuss any questions you might have

What’s in the Questionnaire

I have a core set of questions I ask on just about every project but will also add questions that might relate to the type of business you have or your current situation as I know it today.  For example, if I know I might be doing branding as part of a project, there would be relevant questions in that area.

Here are some things we might consider in our work together:

  • How established is your brand, website, products/services?
  • Current analytics, trends and results.
  • Customers: Who is the ideal customer? Who is currently the most valuable customer? How do they currently find you? Where do they currently engage?
  • Competitor Analysis: Who are your competitors? What keywords are they using? How effective are their websites, platforms, social media outreach?
  • What is your competitive advantage, etc.
  • Market trends, opportunities and threats.

Other questions we might explore:  What are you currently doing to measure your success? What services and products are your successfully selling? Where are your pain points, wasted time, or unhappy clients? What channels are you currently using to engage with clients? What are your competitors doing? What metrics are already being measured and tracked?

What are the Deliverables?

Here are the things you can expect with every Strategic Roadmapping project:

  1. Roadmapping Questionnaire
  2. 90 min working session to review and discuss your answers
  3. Report with recommended solutions and actions to take
  4. Proposal of what it would cost for me to implement some or all of the proposed solutions in the report
  5. 60 min report and proposal review session

Depending on your situation, you may also get the following:

  • Analytics or tech audit
  • Customer journey map
  • Site map
  • Video feedback of me reviewing your website or landing page assessing the effectiveness of your website’s user experience, branding, messaging

Why Me?

I consider myself more than a web designer for my clients and challenge them to think a little differently about what their website and web design company should be doing for them. I certainly have the skills to make you and your brand look good, build you an advanced website or funnel, no doubt. But that alone is not enough to get real results and make money online.

I realized pretty quickly working with clients that a beautiful website with no audience or landing pages for offers that nobody wants was not satisfying work and was getting zero results for my clients.  When I started paying attention to the bigger picture, the work I found myself doing was more than design, veering into business, content and marketing strategy, what I call digital strategy.

My website design and development process always had a Discovery phase built in, following Discovery, Design, Development and Launch roughly. But I found that what was scoped for the project proposal sometimes missed the mark. I was relying on the client to tell me their requirements and what they needed when they did not have enough information or background to make those decisions. I really believe doing a Strategic Roadmapping Project before undertaking a larger engagement is well worth the investment.

What’s unique about a Roadmapping Project?

Unlike other consultants who offer a free consultation before sending you a proposal, with a Roadmapping Project you’re assured that our work together gets the same attention that any other paying project receives.

Additionally, you can rest easily knowing that my recommendations on how you should proceed are based on a detailed discussion about your business, your goals, and your current situation. This allows me to fully understand the situation you’re experiencing and the outcomes you’re looking for.

A ‘free proposal’ without necessary research is, at best, guesswork. At worst, it could be like going jumping in a hot air balloon in an unfamiliar area without a map. At best, it takes twice as long and costs more than expected.

Take action now

Basic Roadmapping Projects are $900.  Advanced Roadmapping Projects are $1600.

The Strategic Roadmapping project can be customized for you situation to provide some custom addon services depending upon your project or situation.  

If you want a plan that will help us both understand the right steps to take to help you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

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