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Custom, responsive website for your brand and business

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More than just a pretty website, I create strategic, WordPress websites designed to make you look great, secure more leads, and sell more of your products and services.

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End-to-end website design & development

While every project is unique, I follow the same general process outlined here.  The deliverables for each phase depends on the scope defined in the strategy phase.

  1. Initial Call

    This is our initial meet and greet call when I first learn about you and your business.  During this call I give you an ideal of what your project would cost. If it is a go and you decide to work with me, I send you a proposal. Upon proposal acceptance, I'll send you a contract and invoice to get things rolling.  My next step is to follow up to book our first strategy sessions and provide you with an overview of what to expect in the next phase.

  2. Strategy

    Looking at the big picture, we start with strategy. We take a deep look at your current business reality, examining your offers, your marketing and your website. This is when we define the scope of your project, the goals and get a clear plan in place on what we are going to build. Together, we work on defining your audience and your messaging. The work typically includes some level of SEO research including a site audit for exsiting sites.  We size up existing assets and strengths and look for opportunities.  This phase will identify if additional support is needed to complete the project such as copy writers, additional developers or designers. We take a look at your platforms and determine the opportunities and define strategies for ensuring your brand is consistent where ever you show up.

  3. Visual Identity

    I start work on creating brand identity assets as needed for your project that could include colors, fonts, logo and setting a direction for graphics or photography used on your site. At the end of this phase, you will have your brand strategy and brand identity defined and documented.

  4. Copywriting & Asset Gathering

    With aid of my copy worksheets or with the help of an outside copywriter, we work through your site copy for every page. You gather any existing visual or copy assets you may have such as photos, logos, graphics, testimonials, etc and deliver them to me. I gather all the brand identity assets created and make sure all the visual assets are processed and ready to go for the site build.

  5. Website Design and Build

    Guided by the strategy and plan we defined, all the copy and design assets created and collected, this is where things start to take shape. Wireframes and/or prototypes maybe created to design the user experience before the actual build starts. During this process, you’ll approve elements as we go. 

  6. Pre-Launch and Launch

    We prepare for launch and I make any last edits and optimize for performance. At this point, I start you on one of my Website Care Plans. As needed, I provide training to you or your team on basic site content editing such as adding new blog posts or updating other information as well as understanding your site's analytyics dashboard.   Then we launch! 

  7. Sustain

    I monitor your site closely for the first few weeks ensuring it is performing optimally and fully functional. Fine-tuning and updates take place as you gather feedback from customers after launch. I carry on with the routine maintenance of your site under your Website Care Plan.  

Custom work means you get a custom bid

I have in the past offered productized service packages with varying price points and deliverables.

However, more often than not, my client projects routinely did not fit these packages. The restraints of the packages meant I ended up customizing the package on a per project basis, so in essence, I was still doing custom proposals.  

I returned to doing custom proposals for custom work which I feel allows me to listen carefully to the client’s wants, needs, goals and come up a properly scoped project rather than trying to fit their project into a defined set of deliverables.


  • I don’t think I need the full end-to-end treatment. Will you build me a simple 5 page website?

    I can definitely build you a 5 page website.  However, for a project to be successful, I don’t take on projects without establishing a clear strategy and plan which I see as essential to my process.  It’s like building a house without architectural drawings and design plans.

    Even a five page website on the surface can appear simple but to be effective is another thing entirely. Following my process improves the outcomes and sets you up to have greater success.  The scope of deliverables for each project can vary (and thus the price) but the process remains the same.

    Happy to talk it through.  Get in touch to fill me in on what you have in mind.

    If you are just starting your business, you could probably benefit from either some 1:1 consulting with me or doing a Strategic Roadmapping project.  Either of these could help you get where you are going and avoid some costly mistakes along the way.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    Definitely.  I typically do 4 monthly payments for larger projects.  

  • Do you work with ecommerce sites?

    I do not do Woo (Woocommerce that is) so I’m not your gal if you are looking for WooCommerce website or general support.

    I can build various methods to take payment for your services, courses, digital products and small physical product storefronts.  Depending on the scenario these checkout methods might be different and can vary from solutions such as Stripe checkouts, SureCart, Calendly.

  • How long does this process take?

    Typically, website project take 3-4 months but can take up to 6 months or more depending upon the scope of the projects and your availability for input and collaboration.

  • I need a logo. Do you do brand design?

    In the context of larger website projects, I offer Brand Identity as part of that service but I don’t offer this as a standalone service.

    I feel that when we are looking at your brand, your messaging and your website as a whole, I can offer the best experience and results. And for brands that require skills beyond what I can deliver, I will recommend you work with brand specialists on strategy, messaging, brand identity.

  • How much will it cost?

    Because each project is unique, I provide a custom proposal. Your website is an investment for your business. Most clients projects are between $7k – $20k but again, this is all based on your project.  

    During our initial call together, I can typically give you a ball park range of what your website might cost and follow up with a firm proposal.  If you are not ready to commit to a project of that scale, consider doing a Strategic Roadmapping project.  

More services to explore

  • Consulting

    Let’s talk about the future of your business and your website and make your big plans a reality. I love spinning up solutions and working through tough decisions.

    Come at me with your business, website and marketing challenges and walk away with actionable insights. It can save you hours of your own research, help you get unstuck

    60 minutes - $150

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  • WordPress Support

    Flexible WordPress support by the block

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  • Website Care Plans

    Get stress-free hosting, maintenance and support for your WordPress website.

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