Strategic Consulting

Website Audit

Looking for some quick wins to improve your site?

A Website Audit can size up what is working and what could be improved with an actionable to-do list of changes and strategies you can implement.  Great for the DIYer or if you are thinking about a redesign down the road but are not quite ready to take the plunge.

What's included:

  • Video review of your site
  • 1-hour live strategy session
  • Written outline of all recommendations

How it works

I first send you a questionnaire to find out if there are any known challenges or pain points.  I then record and send you your site review video.   We get together for a live session via phone or Zoom to dive deeper into my recommendations and explore your opportunities.  Finally, I will send you a written outline of all the recommendations.

Bonus: Your investment applied to web design projects if you book within 6 months of purchasing your audit.


Strategy Sessions

You have me for two 75-minutes sessions where we can tackle any area of your business.  Maybe you are not sure about next steps and need some help sorting through all the options.  These sessions are perfect when you are looking for some clarity and direction. 

Some examples of where I can help

  • Plan for a website redesign
  • Review your site analytics and help you make informed decisions about next steps
  • Find the right systems to make running your business easier
  • Examine your customer's journey and look for improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate new offerings such as memberships, online courses, or digital products
  • Create a content strategy or editorial calendar
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