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Quality Business Administration (QBA) provides advanced guidance, tools and education to help quality experts and leaders become Quality Business Leaders.  Entrepreneur Anders Vinther, sought an online home for QBA including QBA’s core offer: a certification program for Quality leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Designed For Growth

Because this was a brand new venture, we first started work on a Strategic Roadmapping Project to define the overall scope and goals, gather and create some key project assets so that in the end we had a roadmap of where QBA was headed. Once that was complete, the website project began.

The design direction took it’s cues from brand identity and other assets created by Lemonly. Together, Anders and I bootstrapped the copy writing pulling together elements from slide decks, papers and articles. The result is a professional, tough as nails v1 website for QBA to evolve as it grows.

Core Wordpress technologies used for this build include Bricks Builder, ACSS, Frames, and JetEngine.

Anders is a long time friend and colleague. We worked together at Genentech years ago and back in 2015, I created the initial website for one of his other ventures, Flying Suitcase Wines.

The next phase of this project will be to develop the learning platform for the certification program and evolve the main website as the startup grows.

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